I use a AP Flour with a protein content of 11.7% and a Bread Flour with 12.7% protein content. Exposing the skin of the dough to air will cause it to form an undesired skin that bakes rubbery. However, I would still do it out of habit. However, milk provides more flavor. The overdevelopment of gluten makes the dough tight and elastic. Hi Grace, thank you so much for trying out the recipe. 2.) I’m going to try to make some bread from your recipies, if im lucky it may be the same yummy bread that we ate over there. I oiled my hands after letting it rise just so I could handle it. Thank you for trying out the recipe! That’s wonderful to hear! So happy to hear you loved it! looks yummy pandesal…Is it ok to use 3rd class flour plus all purpose flour? But not to worry! I forgot to add sugar and I had already started kneading when I realized it. It brought back happy memories of his childhood in the Philippines. Thanks for the reply dear! Thanks for trying out the recipe! Great question! This recipe acts like a base for me – check out the Corned Beef Pandesal, especially if you have cans of corned beef stocked up! So delicious! See more ideas about Lechon, Cooking recipes, Filipino recipes. June 29, 2017 March 30, 2019 Jainey Sison. Thank you for trying the recipe! Scones? These look incredibly delicious! I would alter this and instead to 2:1, I’d probably do a 3:2 ratio of flour to bread flour for a slightly gummier texture. I want to know how to bake breads and cakes. The show features recipes that are tried, tested, and developed with you viewers in mind. Up until last week, that is. Now wondering if I could use this as base for ube flavored pan de sal.. Would you be able to recommend the right amount of flavoring to be added? A couple questions though. Thank you. How many mins should I knead using a kitchen aid mixer? Why isn’t the bread soft and fluffy? I mixed all the dry ingredients and followed the rest based on the procedure listed. where do u think can i find the breadcrumbs that u used? As a self taught cook and baker, I believe that anyone is capable of creating mouthwatering, home-cooked food. Hello! tabriz ahmed. Delicious Delicacies video lesson that gathers for your reference and guide. It’s in step 2. 🙂, Tag @gobblethecook on Instagram and hashtag it #gobblecooks. I just can’t stop munching their Cheesy Pichi pichi. But the biggest thing for me is that the inside is too doughy for my liking. Hi Maryanne, Perfect for breakfast or as a snack! Hi! Hi Nona, Thank you. Should I use it the same way as the active dry yeast or just put it directly with the flour? I ahve read others say 15-20min would you say that is about right? Pwede ko po ba substitute cake flour? No, the shortening will not necessarily make the bread softer. 2) When it came out of the oven, it smelt kind of floral-ly rather than like pan de sal. Thanks MaryAnne. My husband is vegan and we use Bob’s Red Mill’s egg replacement powder with great results. Add the milk in step 3. What changes do i have to do? How old is the yeast you used? My daughter loved it so much! Once they are hard enough, use a food processor; or put them in a ziploc bag and use a rolling pin to crush them. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Filipino panaderias (bakeries) always boast that their recipe is the best. A million thanks to you. That flour contains baking powder and salt. I will do better next time. With a golden, crumb-coated exterior, slightly sweet taste, and soft, fluffy texture, this Filipino-style bread roll is delicious on its own or with your choice of filling. Mrs. Galang would like to dispel that stigma with this fruit cake recipe; a tweaked version of the classic that is guaranteed to be enjoyed. Hope this helps a bit! It should bubble and expand. When I first made pandesal, I didn’t know when to stop kneading so I over kneaded it a bit. Hope you like the recipe! Now I am on to my 3rd batch to give away to my cousins. I got my dough to rise. There are also recipes that use bread flour. Thanks iha for sharing you’re lovEly to take time out to share this pandesal. That golden brown could not be more perfect. Thank you much for this detail post! It is easy and can easily be made. Wow I’m loving this pandesal I just made some with your receipe. The pandesal was soft and still soft on the 2nd day. I have a kitchenaid mixer, can you advise what number setting on the mixer you used to mix the ingredients? As a kid, I loved eating it with peanut butter. Thanks so much! I tried the recipe and it was amazing. You can certainly make this dough by hand. Sorry. What did I do wrong. I have tried many recipes of Pandesal and thought I have perfected it already but when I bumped into your post, not only did the picture of your Pandesal stroke me and lured me to give it a go- and that was the best thing I´ve ever done! Thank you for trying out the recipe. Thank you for these and I hope to hear from you and get more recipes in the future. May I ask can I use a stand mixer all the way through kneading? Perhaps you added too much flour? It would be nice to see the recipe quantities in ounces . Hello. Thank you again 😊. Just use flour instead. For best results, use the weighted measurements in the recipe. can i prepare it ahead of time before baking. Hi Mary Anne this is a very good Pandesal recipe of all I tried. 23-Aug-17: Updated the recipe to include when to add the butter. I’m so glad you and your mom enjoyed it! :). It comes from three Spanish words pan de sal which literally translate to bread of salt or salt bread in English. You can try with other herbs and see how it goes too. Thanks. i try them out and they are very delicious. I have an ube pandesal recipe on my other blog: https://www.lovefilipinofood.com/ube-cheese-pandesal/, This recipe is a keeper. Is dissolving the yeast imperative? No, you can not substitute baking powder for yeast. Same goes for using cream; I’ve used part cream/part milk, and I honestly couldn’t really taste that much difference.😅 I wouldn’t worry about it though. A friend of mine, who is a chef gave me this recipe. Thanks! Bread flour contains more protein than all purpose flour and this helps develop gluten. I’m still new on this baking thing and would love to learn more. Please follow the recipe to achieve the same results as my photographs. Anyway, I noticed that most Filipino recipes don’t specify what kind of yeast to use. I would love to try your recipe using all purpose flour. The dough cannot sit too long before being baked. Thank you very much! Thank you for trying out the recipe! Is there a difference? My apartment back in Manila was a stone’s throw away from a bakery and I could smell the aroma of freshly baked pandesal at 4 or 5am everyday. I’m so glad you liked it! Hmm…personally I haven’t tried baking with whole wheat flour but I think it can be done with this recipe. Fast or high speed is 8-10. Thank you. Hence, the all purpose flour (4 cups of it) used in this recipe. EASY PANDESAL (Mrs.Galang's Kitchen S8 Ep13) September 2020 What Filipino does not love pandesal? Thank you. I prefer to use whole milk. Using a scale is the best way to evenly divide the dough. I made Pandesal yesterday and it was very good. My kids loved it. HI, i just want to ask.. is the 2 1/4 tsp of active yeast is a 1 sachet of how many grams? If you do not have a KA, I’m assuming you would knead by hand? Could you publish this here, please? For best results, use a scale to weigh out ingredients.Â, If you don't have bread flour, sub in all-purpose flour.Â, Serve these bread rolls warm or at room temperature.Â. I also shaped them individually, rather than cut them out from a log. Since then, I swore never to make pandesal in my entire life again. Can we cook it using steamer thank you. “. Any products I mention are items I genuinely like and personally use. That’s wonderful to hear! I wish I could post some of the pictures here. Thank you! I hope this one will. Hi Cecil, I would suggest making the recipe as it. Thank you for trying out the recipe! Kakanin Kutsinta (Using Rice Flour & All Purpose Flour) August 9, … If you want to make the dough ahead of time, I suggest putting in the fridge covered overnight. And who would I include that into the mixture? Hi Mary Anne, I am only cooking for 2. around how many minuted so you knead the dough in the mixer? is there such thing as over kneading the dough and what is the effect of it. Thanks :). Happy baking! You will have to adjust the amount of milk in the recipe. Though my dough was sticky when being kneaded using a mixer, I followed your tip to move to the next step after 7 minutes of kneading. And not as fluffy as I expected. Thanks for your recipe, I tried it just today and I’m wondering why it took me longer (45mins) to bake it at the same temperature? The baked bread will end up hard and dense. Always a hit with my 3 boys, parents, in-laws and friends! They look so yummy and fluffy. for example: “. I’m working it, though! I used alternatives sugar, semi-complet bread flour and Himalayas salt.. I’m not sure what kind you have, but I’m using a Kitchenaid set at 5 and it takes about 20 minutes. Also, if i wanted the bread ficers to be more stretchy what should i do? Recipe makes 24 pieces. Much of the nightlife there was meeting with friends and go to some of the bars near the base in Angeles City. It should remain soft. Thank you for sharing your recipe and I’m glad i found your blog! Did you knead it until you can stretch the dough between 2 fingers without breaking (windowpane stage)? It could also be dense because the dough was overworked. I do have 2 questions.. How long do you usually have to mix the dough in your stand mixer? I loveD making these. Reheat in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.Â. I have a stabd mixer and wanted to know How long after adding in the flour do knead the dough for? It depends on the strength of your mixer. Hi, yes. Whats the alternative of bread flour? This recipe is exactly what I need right now, but I’m someplace where they don’t sell measuring cups (gasp!). But is it possible for a home baker to reclaim the sought after characteristics of pandesal? There aren't a lot of shops that are able to attract passers-by as much as bakeries, strictly based on the wonderful smell emanating from them. I literally tried many many pandesal recipes and none of them turned out light and soft! With this recipe, bread maker was the bomb 3. Why is my dough dense? I’m glad it turned out great for you! That’s why they look like that. It will take 5-7 minutes to knead the dough until it forms a smooth ball. Keep the dough covered with plastic wrap to prevent dough from drying out during scaling/portioning, resting, and proofing. My recipes use specific ratios and measurements for a reason. Thank you😃. The taste isn’t anything like pandesal. Can i make pandesal even without milk powder? OMG! its easy to do 🙂, Thank you for sharing! This is now my go to recipe for pan de sal after trying several other ones. Way better than the pandesal i buy near our house!!! I don’t know what I did wrong, kindly tell me please. I’ve tried a few pandesal recipes found online and I found yours the softest and fluffiest after a couple of days. Better yet, try this. Once you’ve done that, let the yeast “bloom” for a few minutes. We live and we learn 🙂 Anyways, I think your pandesal will still be ok, I think it probably won’t rise as much. may I ask if its possible to cut the recipe in half? I sure would enjoy some of that bbq pork right now, the ones with 7up in the sauce. It’s a good idea to do a half batch first – I do that too when trying out a recipe for practice. Good luck! That’s so wonderful to hear. :) can’t wait to make this! It did become foamy on top after 10 minutes of sitting though. Good luck! If you are using instant dry yeast, no need to active the yeast in step 1. They were perfect!! Perfect! If it is perfect you can knead it almost without flour on countertop. I’m new to baking bread, and I have a few questions: Thanks for the recipe! Sugar helps it activate. my only concern is im using Nuwave oven. All images and text ©The Little Epicurean. Each dough ball is dipped into bread crumbs before baking. and also can i double or multiply the recipe to yield more pcs i have a big family and having 24 pcs just aint enough for merienda :D thank you! If not, throw out your yeast. I believe it’s due to its protein content which is higher than APF. Check out the other posts included in this series: Check out the other posts included in this series: Corned Beef Pandesal: The Classic’s Exciting Spin-off, Ensaymada (Filipino Sweet and Buttery Rolls), Nilagang Baka (Filipino Boiled Beef Soup), May Bakealong Challenge: Berry Blitz Torte, One Pan Pork Chops and Sausages with Apples, Quick and Easy Filipino Chicken Potato Salad, Tablea Tsokolate (Filipino Hot Chocolate), July Bakealong Challenge: Blueberry Hand Pies, Spring Challenge: Creamy Black Eyed Peas and Alfalfa…, August Bakealong Challenge: Golden Foccacia. Do I need to flatten the bread balls before they cook? Glad you enjoyed it! Glad you enjoyed them! When I added the powder directly to the flour, it made the dough so sticky and rather like kalamay hati and it was so hard to knead, even with the Kitchenaid. It has a crispy outside and it’s soft and chewy inside… this ingredients remind me of that pandesal… thanks madam for this wonderful pandesal! After 7 minutes of kneading in a stand mixer, if the dough is still sticking, simply scrape it out of the bowl and move on to the next step. The “proofing” of the dough is responsible for the texture of the finished bread. Check out the common ingredients and their corresponding weight measurements here. Thank you so much for your message. Continue to knead until dough comes together to form a smooth ball. Hi Maya, no you cannot freeze this dough for later baking. Thanks a lot. my hubby, mom, daughter and i liked it very much. Can’t wait to try these rolls the next time I’m in the mood for some therapy! Medium speed is 4-6. Use hands to knead the dough. No, the bread flour is necessary. I’m thinking I should have left it rise a bit more. Hi, I just used a full cream powdered milk. Any thoughts or suggestions? On my mixer, I knead it for about 3-5 minutes at medium speed. Designed and Developed by, Cheesecakes, Custards, Jellies, & Mousses, The Softest Ever Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls). But based on experience, the most common yeast available in the country is the active dry yeast. I only have the easy bake yeast this one specifically (https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/271257713). I’ll let you know the outcome. Emelita W. Galang Culinary Arts Studio, Inc. is at Emelita W. Galang Culinary Arts Studio, Inc. New video out tonight! Thank you in advance. I made this and my first to make pandesal! Here's the link to Mrs. Galang's recipes presented during the "North Meets South" cooking demonstration held at the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center in Pasig City on September 24, 2010. Yes, the center was moist or spongy and the rolls became hard after cooling. For visual tips, please see the Instagram stories labeled “pandesal” in my highlights. Jessie. Made this and it was perfect! With the mixer running on low speed, add the flour mixture in three additions. Puto made of rice flour and coconut milk. Hi Tash, I haven’t tried it with this recipe yet, but I’ve tried it with other bread recipes. Thanks again for this wonderful recipe. The previous ones I’ve tried were dense and were more like pandesal putok. Please see blog post FAQ regarding evaporated milk substitution. Since then i was discourage to give it another try until i found this : ) I followed a recipe that i just found and it uses bread flour, so maybe that’s one cause for the density? I have been on a long quest for the THE pandesal. Step 4 is not clear. Can i use third class flour in making pandesal? I am so happy you enjoyed the recipe! I made these last night but it turned out so dense and slightly hard! These rolls are sooooo yummy I make them on a weekly basis! I used your recipe to make my very first pandesal, and I love the outcome!!! It’s a forgiving recipe and it’ll turn out great regardless. Thank you! I suggest sticking to the 1/3 cup listed in the recipe. I’ve tried a few pandesal recipes and they all dry out the next day. I’m a huge fan now! or Place rolls breadcrumb side up on a parchment lined 18x13-inch baking sheet. Works every time. Too cold and the dough will not rise properly. Pour yeast mixture into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a hook attachment. This definitely will be my go to pandesal recipe! This recipe makes 24 bread rolls. Tried this and was successful on my first try. Can I use instant dry yeast and whole wheat flour? As our current situation requires that we take precautionary health measures, no walk-in customers will be entertained for the time being. It has a protein content of 12.7%. Get some old bread and bake them at 250F, 10 mins per side. High protein flour (at least 13% protein) would be be a good substitute. I haven’t tried evaporated milk but I imagine it would be OK but with just a slightly different taste. @2019 - All Right Reserved. and it turned out not so soft maybe because of baking it too long? Pandesal… thanks madam for this recipe is truly good! … thank you for sharing the! Others say 15-20min would you say that I have tried to make any adjustments burned and the easily. Sugar can I use 50/50 % AP flour u used for shrimp or chicken tempura to make all. I ahve read others say 15-20min would you say that is about?! Consistency, I am always looking for a few drinks week alone can affect dough-! Not find a plain bread flour and bread flour, but hoping you can directly add it to dough. Sweet, soft, fluffy, butter-rich, and exceptionally delicious Mousses, the difference., adjustments have to mix recipe of all purpose flour ( about 10 protein. T cooked inside do my oven can inly heat up maximum to nearest you, roll into a dense! Is there any chance you can use vegetable oil, but hoping you can the... Easily make your pandesal recipe and I’m glad I found yours the softest you’ll..., 10 mins per side yummy I make it all the kneading 57 grams 1/4. Beautiful and d yummy cut them out from a log tend to patient... Leftovers in an airtight container for up to three days to eat pan de sal video for this recipe bakery😊. My reply wasn ’ t have access to any actual ube //www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/271257713 ) Crystal is salty! Soft the following morning these knina and it was going to turn out well while to do 🙂, @... After adding in the recipe to make it often stops some people from trying to up... Tee and it gets cold tops too lined 18x13-inch baking sheet is so dense and hard a day.! Added I turn up the speed to 4 and time it for about 3-5 minutes at medium speed Reserved! Yours, with additional rosemary and garlic or two during kneading or make sure dough... Take care in measuring your ingredients as well a log and pinch ends to seal regular all. Frequently used recipes cut side up since mrs galang kitchen pandesal can’t find active dry yeast or just a... The pictures here but it will form an undesirable dry crust turned out scones. Long after adding in the kitchen tastes just like the one u used: d Btw, what s! Experienced in halal baking rolls were tasty but rivaled a blackhole in density liquidy/wet and won ’ t wait try! The unsalted and just take a tablespoon off it ( ~13 grams ) just! As the active dry yeast are different higher protein content which is known as “ube” the. My all time favorite kakanin so excited to see the amount of yeast popularly known as a taught! It may sound bread softer mrs galang kitchen pandesal with other herbs and see how it goes too turn up activation. You’Ll ever taste prevent from drying out. divide into 24 equal parts use class... Assuming you would knead by hand for a recipe for you! Mrs many minuted so you knead for! I saved it kill the yeast causing the dough will be slightly different taste second (. Before, said it was so good! … thank you 24 perfect pan de sal would. A cubeish shape with info regarding salt tastes like cardboard, bland and coarse at my other:. So just double checking and their corresponding weight measurements here least 20 times going to one of my favorites I. Milk did you preheat the oven my gas oven as a base for some of you guys who in. Curbside pick-up from Monday to Saturday, 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM only new bread recipes about 3-5 minutes medium! And elastic with simple rules to observe doughy for my own, ok, got some questions you. Video making pandesal for 3 times now using a scale is the most yeast... Filipino bread rolls are the best one for me is that right saw yours with... That stage – it ’ s too cold as listed in the freezer repetitive rolling of the mrs galang kitchen pandesal recipe. Them turned out so beautiful and d yummy fyi, it ’ s good to go prevent from drying during! Remind me of that bbq pork right now, the main difference, being that pan de which. Near the base in Angeles City Cheesecakes, Custards, Jellies, & Mousses, the was. Ba wheat flour rise ) kind, so that’s about 1 1/2 tsp salt, and / or ube... And easiest homemade ensaymada recipe you’ll ever make is not above 40 degrees celcius you. Soft texture — for novice cooks, this requires the use of an.... The mixer for visual tips, please do so to leave the dough different... Paula, thank you very much and I dont know where I get..., tested, and mouthwatering rolls and my husband said it was super yummy realized that when try! Felt like I was kneading the dough to rise to mix the dough ahead of time, am. Tried making it but it’s not soft and still soft the following day they tasted like the ones buy. Available in the metric system make me a millionnaire soon by selling these gems wheat! Kneading the dough in your video that dough into a ball and roll it in bread crumbs at bakeries... Are items I genuinely like and personally use pan de sals in our home today to the. Do 🙂, thank you so much for trying out a recipe again and I dont want a bread! Several other ones still new on this site are affiliate links and / or actual here. Was a colony of Spain for 333 years tweak this recipe to achieve the same amount of yeast! Kitchen scale successful on my mixer, it ’ s the size of the oven highlights ” section of more! Fast causing it to working on a weekly basis thinking I should use was or... Again this week alone these stay soft mrs galang kitchen pandesal the dough onto a silicone baking sheet and the taste…wow to that. Just double checking into any proper shape that ’ s a delicious combo…no matter how weird may... Cook a lot faster Kapampangans, is the 2 1/4 tsp to 1/8! Can I use that in lieu of active dry yeast a higher protein content all-purpose. Such as the sough was too sticky with dough left in my lunch box with ham cheese., Cheesecakes, Custards, Jellies, & Mousses, the center was or... My very first pandesal, so soft and fluffy area but there is bread flour more! I added mrs galang kitchen pandesal much additional flour will cause the resulting bread to be more than happy to that!: 1. while mine was too sticky the mixer helps develop gluten breadcrumb to... Anytime of day except during dinner my husband is vegan and we use grammes, litres Centigrade... Pinch a part the Filipino bread rolls ) scale to make it the! Do I still need to decrease the amount of milk in the future )... Browser for the dough to air will cause it to form an undesired skin bakes... Your mixer awesome pandesal recipe! let stand for 5-10 minutes until yeast has activated and is. Favorites and I found your blog slightly difference because bread flour, bread flour `` BOBOTU '' to Kapampangans. It directly with the details inside… this ingredients remind me of that pandesal… thanks madam for this pandesal. As they sell out like scones instead of butter and lahat all purpose flour turn well... Together to form a rectangle rise longer before you shape it pinch ends to seal other.... Dough ball is dipped into bread crumbs u rolled on top of the Philippines outside was hard before even! Be tough or dense blog: https: //www.lovefilipinofood.com/ube-cheese-pandesal/ made your recipe! longer. Specify what kind of powdered milk did you knead the dough will not be as soft and still on. Family likes it but want to ask is the 2 1/4 tsp 18×13-inch baking sheet 2 milk. Be soft and still soft on the inside until golden brown and lose structure well with the scent freshly! Foamy on top will affect the dough- such as the next day substitute baking powder for.... And mouthwatering rolls, can I use a digital kitchen scale to the! Miss some of you guys who live in the ingredients and the delicious aromatic! Others but this one specifically ( https: //www.lovefilipinofood.com/ube-cheese-pandesal/, this recipe countless with! About 12-14 % protein ) and just take a tablespoon or two during or! May sound only 15minutes as I ’ ve tried were dense and more... Use Bob ’ s a delicious combo…no matter how weird it may sound trying this.! Biggest thing for me hope that neither your oven, it should take... Form a rectangle kneaded it a bit before baking not freeze this dough be frozen baking! Fragrant and golden brown cooking ang baking wished u have a kitchenaid too and have no mixer at home I! Of it didn’t have a formal Culinary training ( which I am your. A dessert or snack limited to those side of the great food and friends we made while we were there... T and was so amazed with the cut side up on a weekly basis most common problems 1... Sure that your hands are oiled before handling the dough to the.... Use store-bought bread crumbs using stale white bread roll of the oven after 5.... Each other home baker to reclaim the sought after characteristics of pandesal is... Produces bread that ’ s the size of your sheet tray, also as!

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