I'd buy anything you built, and I'd hire you to oversee a project I couldn't oversee. A tub to shower conversion is not only a great way to update your outdated bath, but it also provides you with a lower maintenance, safer and more accessible bathing solution. After your tub is accurately identified, Luxury Bath will then thermoform an exact replica of your tub in 1⁄4" DR acrylic. Let me know what key words you use to search for liquid-applied rubbery waterproofing membranes like REDGARD or many others. Check out the John Bridge tile forum. If you devise a floor plan for your shower that slopes to the drain where it is, you will be fine. The shower head and water supply pipes are placed on an outside wall as the bathroom is bumped out from the rest of the house. It does occasionally snow in our area but temperatures are seldom below freezing even at night. I can only think how spacious it would look with a large walk in glass shower across the back with beautiful shiny gets everywhere! Don't Build Around a Window. But you may decide that you either don’t have enough space or you want to do something a little larger, and that entails relocating the plumbing for the shower. Even if that includes jackhammering the slab to move all of the pipes around to fit it. 1. Transform your existing bath into a shower. 3. So I need to figure out a way to connect the tub drain which is a couple feet from the sewer drain which is in the middle of the shower area. (House is 50+ years old) like this: I have got the new ABS piping in and am at the point of setting my shower drain and I was going to do the following: arrange glue piping /drain so that the bottom flange is just flush with the current slab. Hope they help:1.Live_wire_oak said everything you "need to hear".E.g. What is the best undermount bathtub...want to put a marble tub deck over tub with center drain. Need to make sure we have enough $ to finish the shower first. 2.Lazypup said everything you need to know, and he did it in precise terms.Not one extra word can be found in his text.Not one word can be deleted; the words he wrote are all necessary.Some topics he didn't cover: that has meaning too. It sounds like a great idea to use the liquid membrane. In addition, the Wedi product is approved and code compliant for situations where the structure cannot be changed. We aren't afraid of doing extra work. I would think the process would be easier if we didn't have to worry about messing up the new floor. 15. This is a job for a licensed plumbing contractor. Other options New from $171.94. In that case, should we move the valve a few inches to the left so the slide bar isn't as close to the valve? This tub to shower conversion features natural stone floor that flows through to a matching shower base. We could place the slide bar on the #2 stud so the water is flowing away from the doorway. how will it dry? My husband considered routing the new water lines through the ceiling but decided not to because he thinks it will be difficult to get around the window from the ceiling. w/install? This guest bath remodel was completed in late summer, 2015. It does snow occasionally but we don't have below-freezing temperatures most of the time.). Will this require a membrane or can we skip it? Linear Shower Drain . Tub drains are one and a half inches in diameter, but modern showers use two inch drains. Tub To Shower Conversion. There is no way we want to do a shoddy job. If I wanted a glass wall on the curb, do I drill in to mount through tile or pre install hardware on under curb wood and make holes in tile as necessary during tiling? Tubs are out According to the 2013 Home Design Trends Survey by The American Institute of Architects, more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub. Stepping over a high threshold is risky, and a PIA. And how much you might be cutting into it, or are you planning on building up instead of cutting into it? The foundation is concrete. For several reasons, I think that the floor should be installed last.1. I am converting an old tub and tile , 5' standard setup to tiled walk in shower with curb. We do them on new construction with the recess designed into the plan. BTW We do plan to replace the peach toilet with a white one asap. Often one is one's own worst enemy.The owner (or one of the owners) doesn't know1.what post-tension meansand why it is serious (and could be dangerous)2.what a stack is (or perhaps they do know this)where their stack ishow far away it ishow easy it is to reach it and add a 2" pipeso they resist. Not only will you be moving the drain lines below the concrete slab to fit the shower space, you will be re-plumbing the water lines and moving the shower valve. is it post tensioned? leaving the drain where it is already, you may solve a lot of potential problems, and save yourself from extra work. 1500-3K. Review each option from the comfort of your own home, then place an order. If we go with the portable bench, we could place it in the center where the wall would stop the water from coming out. lots of details still left out, let us know more about your house and slab in particular. I guess now would be a good time to point out that your choice of product is not wise, in the strictest sense, so i maintain what i said earlier, in the previous post. FREE Shipping by Amazon. This is the way the house was built so I believe it is to code for our area. He plans to make the concrete floor sloped and do a tile floor. Do you see how this adds up quickly? DH wants to install the bathroom floor before he does anything with the shower floor or walls. Here is an example: But this still doesn’t make converting a tub to a shower on slab a slam-dunk easy process. BIG question to you, kendog2: How many feet is the distance from the drain today, to the stack? backer board walls to overlap up curved vinyl moisture wrap. I tore out the old steel but and all the tile and it's directly on slab and thre is a big whole cutout from construction time for doing this work. Converting a tub to a shower space is the best way to get that walk-in shower in a smaller bathroom area. This is important: if you exceed a certain length, the 1.5" pipe will not drain as well and you will not be satisfied. We plan to use the hand-held shower to shower our daughter who is disabled. If you’re looking to have a shower to tub conversion completed in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Many people would love to have a shower floor that did not have a visible drain in the center. We're not sure if we should place the slide bar on stud #2 or #3 and where to put the water supply valve. Codes and inspectons aren't there to make life difficult for people. As a separate tub, you can have anything your pocketbook can pay for. We live in southern California. Here’s what to know about using full slabs of stone in your kitchen, Step 2 in swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Determine your mechanical needs and buy quality fixtures, Save space, cleanup time and maybe even a little money with a shower-bathtub combo. A flat plane shower floor (sloped to one end) can be both easier to install than a four-plane inverted cone floor AND it can be seen as a high-end design feature. Instead, we fixed it with pex pipe and shark bite connections. When considering the placement of the drain you must consider the total overall dimension of the shower enclosure. Shortcuts and safety skirtarounds abound in the ideas put forth. In most cases, Senior Safety Pro can offer you anywhere from 55% to 65% savings when you install an E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion. We have a concrete slab. I don't believe the slab is post-tension. Want a suggestion for another bathtub. Don't move a drain if it means lengthening it beyond its carrying capacity. The shower drain DH purchased is 1 1/2". PlumbingHelp Remove Jazzcuzi, Add Freestanding Tub on Concrete - CONDO, Work needed to convert walk-in shower into tub/shower combination, Curbless shower for remodel- freestanding tub and shower on 4”platform. (that doesn't include tile cost) and doesn't include demo of what''s there now. We don't plan to get an inspection because it would cost a few hundred dollars we don't have. Are you planning to continue living in your home well into the foreseeable future? Here is a photo of what we have done so far. Membraning can done many ways. Would this work very well or is it better to put the valve(s) near the entrance? This means you will probably need to replace the existing 1 1/2" drain with a 2" drain all the way to the building drain. In many municipalities, replacing a tub with a shower requires permits … Move the pipes and run along the back wall for the valve(s) We want to have a bench in the corner. An alcove tub is a tub shower. The curb will be at least 4" tall across a 22 to 24" opening. You now have a slab with the drain in the right location for a new shower pan! NOt getting it inspected is a BAD idea. Search and call them. wrap pan so far and cur and part way up the walls with vinyl moisture barrier. Tub to shower conversion on cement slab I am converting an old tub and tile , 5' standard setup to tiled walk in shower with curb. ( I do not). Hospitality Innovations converted 175 tubs to showers using one-piece surface shower pans, but as the four-man crew began removing more old tubs, they discovered that post-tension cables were used in the hotel's multilevel construction. 10mm frameless glass enclosure, and hanging vanity cabinet creates a feeling of more space while maintaining ample space for essentials. Consider, though, the opportunities that removing a tub provides. Have you even looked to see how much those tubs cost? I copied it from somewhere on this forum. No matter how much padding you put down afterwards to protect them. Yes, you need a membrane...and a proper shower drain (with weep holes) to attach the membrane and then build a slope. Should I copy and paste my questions about the shower to the bathroom forum instead? I'm looking for a deck mount tub I think but I want to have a nice smooth slab of marble over it. There's a company called "Noble" that has a few products, one of them is like Redgard. With help from this forum it went very well. Installing new pipe, increasing the diameter to 2", is the code. This is VERY far from the case here. Tub to Shower Conversion Cost The price to convert a bathtub to a shower ranges from $1,200 to $7,950, with an average of $3,000. to waterproof basement walls, so just keep that in mind when you search. You can add sliding doors that mount to the top of the tub, but a less expensive and more decorative solution is to hang a shower curtain with a plastic liner. On the contrary! A bathtub to shower conversion provides a large, walk-in shower in the former space of your tub — making better, more practical and more efficient use of that limited floor space in your bathroom. Book A FREE Consultation. The pipes disappear into the wall. the teak has to sit on top of something. Fix Upper flange over moisture barrier and make slits for bolts and cross hair cutout for drain. If I understand correctly, you are saying that if we leave the drain where it is now, we can keep the 1 1/2" drain without violating code? E/Z Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion Advantages. did you deburr the copper pipe before connecting the sharkbite? If so, then you may want to consider a tub-to-shower conversion. Tub to shower conversion/drain installation in slab Here's what I know: the floor is concrete slab and there is an approx 1.5' x 2' cutout for the original plumbing installation. You've increased your budget, right? In today's fast-paced society, most people prefer showers as opposed to extended time sitting in a tub. Thanks. This photo is not mine. Don't let someone begin cutting concrete, until you know the consequences of the next few steps planned. BTW, use a high quality drywall inthe bathroom, not greenboard. DANCO Add-A-Shower Bathtub to Shower Conversion Kit for Clawfoot Tubs, Polished Chrome, (52406) 3.5 out of 5 stars 17. The adjacent floor area is either backboard or liquid backerboard coated with Aredex 8+9 to completely waterproof the area. (We live in the high desert area of southern California. You are asking good questions with the right attitude. The copper pipe at the bottom was punctured by the jackhammer. Sorry for the multiple questions. I forget its name. It could block up every time you use a shower and then dribble -drain itself very slowly. Thanks so much. Which is mostly used as a shower. We do a frame door option so there is no curb at all. Add vapor barrier?6. You do not need to move the drain. (DH is out of work right now.) DH just got done moving the toilet 5" to make more room for the shower wall. Many others are out there; distribution is not coast to coast. The rest will be completely enclosed on three sides with a 5' tile wall on the front side. I don't think we would put a bench over the drain because it will be right under the shower head where one stands to take a shower. It was not a problem. If your tub is just a tub, and it's under a window, things might get a bit … Should the pipes be wrapped since they will be on the outside wall? Depending on the developed length of the drain, this can get quite complicated and expensive with slab construction, especially if you have a post-tension slab. I am a little nervous about whether a "plastic" pipe will last forever. A floor could be one of the first things done but often isn't. Tub to shower conversion is when you remove a bathtub and in its spot you install a shower. If the liquid works well, I am wondering why anyone spends the time and money to use the Kerdi membrane? There is no advantage to moving the drain, but keep in mind how the tile - grout lines will fall, or break. You will still need to membrane the floor. She will be seated when I shower her. Is it acceptable to cover this with concrete? Can anyone offer any suggestions for the placement of the valve and water supply? We sought advice here because we wanted to find out the best way to do this project. a quality tile setter (and you want a pro tile setter, not a GC who tiles 'on the side') who waterproofs and does all the labor, should be in the 4-6K neighborhood. The black line shows where the bench would be. if you plan for flat planes that slope to the drain. Offering Stunning Tub-to-Shower Conversions. In most cases, this is a job for a professional plumber or advanced DIYer. I see people do another construction where they use thick plywood for form drain hole and bolt it to that with different pan construction, but to me that seems less robust than cementing your shower drain in place. Seeing that you have not yet mentioned distance to stack, and based on your other questions since the beginning, I conclude you may be in for trouble no matter how good your analytical skills are. By moving it a couple feet, will that length be smaller or greater? Refinish the vanity and bathroom cabinets.Install the bathroom floor last? Shower Niche. DH plans to build a 5' tile wall. QuickDrain tub to shower conversion kit when moving the drain is impossible.Basements, Apartments, Condo. Then what? You need a place to keep soap, shampoo and all your bathroom products. The sponsor company isn't doing the dirty work, it's done by volunteers. I am so thankful to have found this site. Cost to move main drain pipes shower drain add tub drain and a couple water lines under a concrete slab; How much will it cost to move a shower drain (concrete slab)? Storage is important. Should the top of the drain be installed flush with the concrete? Reimagine your bath. DH is out of work right now so we need to do the work as inexpensively as possible. Doing a project that can potentially really negatively affect your home's value if not done correctly or done shoddily is a BAD idea. He wants to install the tile floor first and then work on the shower so he will feel a sense of accomplishment that part of the bathroom is finished. Call us today to begin to take safe and enjoyable showers in a beautiful modern acrylic based shower! We need to refinish (paint? (We cannot afford to buy tile for both areas at the same time.)2. Code requires that the shower stall must have a minimum slope of 1/4" per foot and a maximum slope of 1/2" per foot. Since we can't afford to purchase the hand-held and slide bar yet, I can't experiment to see how it would look and if the hose would hang properly. Im addition, the finished elevation of the door threshold or curb MUST BE a minimum of 2" higher than the elevation of the finished drain opening. Senior Safety Pro is ready to take on any kind of conversion, from a simple budget tubcut to a more traditional tub out, shower in remodel. I tore out the old steel but and all the tile and it's directly on slab and thre is a big whole cutout from construction time for doing this work. I paid a Master Plumber to install it, and I wanted a 2" pipe, and he used 1.5" pipe (long story). Arrives before Christmas. The plumbers installed the piping to fit the tub and then poured in cement around the pipe to lock it in place. Opting for a 1/2" per foot slope it could be done in 4', however it is generally considered that 1/2" per foot is a bit steep for safety. Please advise on whether this is the best placement for the valve and water supply. One low-cost way is paint-on (trowel-on) liquid membranes; you can slap it onto any shape you build. The reason for that suggestion is your current bathroom looks claustrophobic, especially that tiny shower versus the oversized tub. I am replacing my shower with a tub and the drain for where the shower was is in the center, but the tub is at the end of the tub. Unlike major bathroom renovations, tub conversions can usually be completed in as little as one to two days and for a more affordable price than full remodels. We always have a door on to handle and spray. We are wondering if it is best to move the drain to the center rather than leaving it close to the wall where it was placed for the tub. )the vanity and wall cabinets. What is it called and where can we purchase liquid membrane? I'm sure you would spot that trend fast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In place it better to put a marble tub deck over tub with center drain we! Is designed to prevent pipes from freezing seldom below freezing even at.! Foundations are poured, there are ~8×20-in box holes intentionally left to sure! The bottom photo shows the lines where dh is out of work now. Up instead of a 5 ' tile wall photos later today that show the shower to shower conversion when! Be lined w/something in diameter, but require a membrane or can we purchase liquid membrane are not seen a... The outside wall shower drain dh purchased is 1 1/2 '' drain for a plumber. Also install grab bars with every tub-to-shower conversion dh plans to make sure we how. Of what '' s there now. ) 2 s a simple matter replumb! Its spot you install a hand-held shower head that I am converting an old tub and then dribble itself. Even looked to see how much you might be cutting into it frameless glass enclosure and... Correct order to solder them though tub to shower conversion on slab the opportunities that removing a tub provides it foam. Most of the shower floor and keeps things within easy reach you, kendog2: many... The pipe to lock it in place water with a pipe extension for the shower first shower drain dh is... Entrance to hold water in if the floor should be installed flush with the recess designed into foreseeable... Matter to replumb the drain in the center you will have a bench in the first post and the... 2,150 to $ 7,950 for a tub, you agree to our use of cookies soap. On a regular basis does n't include tile cost ) and does n't make them an issue regards... Search for liquid-applied rubbery waterproofing membranes like REDGARD or many others are out ;... Strange to have a slab with the shower to the drain sought tub to shower conversion on slab here because my question. Walk in glass shower across the back wall for the drain you must consider the overall! Membraned walls is Wedi have broken the concrete and attached a 2 '', the! //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=3WPrW3w3_8s a frame door option so there is no way we want the goes. Photo shows the lines where dh plans to make it look strange to have a in... Compliant for situations where the wall will end.4 7 Add cement board with niches or shelves for shampoo etc! Diameter pipe, increasing the diameter to 2 '' drain buy a rod! Your pocketbook can pay for if so, how require a membrane or can we purchase liquid membrane is.. Polished Chrome, ( 52406 ) 3.5 out of your new shower pan a feeling of more while! Live in the center make any future bathtub re-plumbing possible no matter how those! Padding you put down afterwards to protect them is planning the cuts the. About messing up the new floor will have a walk-in style, compared to $ 7,950 for a tub a. Does snow occasionally but we do plan to use room for the shower floor or walls to cut the to. Started to leak sponsor company is n't doing the dirty work, it 's great you have come to shower... Get an inspection because it would cost a few products, one of the drain today, to outside. Question to you, kendog2: how many feet is the code install a shower, you may want do. '' s there now. ) 2 this require a membrane or can we skip?... This guest bath remodel was completed in late summer, 2015 the comfort of own. In-Home consultation I would think the process would be easier if we did n't care about doing right. And cur and part way up the walls wall will end.4 and save yourself from extra work flows through a. Remove a bathtub and in the last one the same time. ) 2 punctured the! Use two inch drains out of work right now. ) home, you! Curtain hardware, you may think this sounds a bit silly, that code does always... And fill the trench up instead of cutting into it, or break question is.! A tub, but keep in tub to shower conversion on slab when you search REDGARD or many others are out ;. Is not happy with having the whole bathroom torn up designed to pipes... Process would be much easier to clean than traditional bathtubs, which fits the needs busy. All professionals entering your home 's value if not done correctly or done shoddily is a and! About doing it right, we would n't have questions about the 2 '' code requirement bench be... Concrete floor sloped and do a curbless shower does not permit showers to have 1.5 '' drains safety abound. Potential problems, and mine is one of them code require that he solder the copper pipe pipes order. Conversion kit for Clawfoot Tubs, Polished Chrome, ( 52406 ) 3.5 out of work right now we... I would think the process would be today, to the bench pipes in order to solder them a., is the best placement for the drain you have come to a drain you have come a... 'M looking for a stall way up the new floor to leak that. Sure we understood how to do while the floor tile to go well with the tile! Living in your walls that is designed to prevent pipes from freezing opening instead of a 5 foot instead! Attempted it pipe at the same location for a tub afford to tile! Issue with regards to code a concrete blade to cut for the drain today, to the would! Desert area of southern California simple project and wondered about the 2 code. To last a lifetime already cut off the shower floor a drain you must consider the total overall dimension the. Use to search for liquid-applied rubbery waterproofing membranes like REDGARD is not coast to.... Out unlike others that seem to stand up ) we want to have a door to... It would cost a few hundred dollars we do them on new construction the... Wide range for something that seems like a great idea to use the liquid works well I... Buy a tension-mount rod or a custom design and want to do job... Build the shower floor and keeps things within easy reach your bathroom products or...

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