United Airlines Basic Economy is really, really basic. United Basic Economy - United Airlines. United’s basic economy from the beginning was more punitive than other carriers and is the only one that doesn’t earn any premier qualifying credit and currently the only one that charges for carry on bags. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the unitedairlines community. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Currently, United and American are the only two major airlines that don’t include a carry-on in the Basic Economy option fare. The agent there will give you a tag if your bag meets their requirements: 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm) for a personal item. All forums . United Airlines hopes to debut its Basic Economy fares in Minneapolis and they could go on sale as soon as the first quarter of this year, according to company president Scott Kirby. Preview. All forums . Your message. United Basic Economy rules are similar to what you find on low-cost carriers such as Spirit. United basic economy update I brought on my 30L 13in x 8in x 24.8in backpack which is considerably larger than what they allow. For choosing United and not knowing about the restrictions of basic economy, they were split up (including all of the [too young to be seating alone] children in different middle seats around the plane), charged extra for all of their carry on baggage and had to beg fellow travelers to let them sit together as a family. A moderated subreddit for discussion of the airline and its issues/stories. Full-sized carry-on bags are not permitted on select routes – On trans-Atlantic flights, your carry-on baggage allowance is the same as for standard Economy tickets. Imagine my shock and horror when I went to my account at United.com and found BASIC ECONOMY in big letters, and information about my inability to select a seat, change/cancel, or even bring a carry-on without a fee -- and no redemption/elite-qualifying/lifetime miles. Reply to: United Economy vs. I always said United's is so bad that I agree with the author's description - sub cattle class. It says that. 1 personal item: FREE 1 standard carry-on bag: Standard Economy: FREE; Basic Economy: No bag included (excluding transatlantic flights where a standard carry-on is included*) *Any Basic Economy Fare passenger that brings a full-sized carry-on bag to the gate will be required to check their bag and pay the applicable checked bag fee plus a $25 gate … Ask a question Recent Conversations. United Airlines: No full-sized carry-on bags permitted; one personal item that fits under the seat in front of you is allowed. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When United announced their new basic economy fare for domestic flights initially, I was optimistic. Carry-on with Basic Economy with United Explorer Card Hi, Obviously with basic economy you are not allowed a carry-on, but I had read that if you have the Untied Explorer card (or other card that gives you priority boarding), that you can usually get on the plane with a carry-on even on Basic Economy, since you are no longer demoted to the last boarding group. I'm going to guess if you bring a personal item that clearly won't fit under your seat they will force you to check it. No it’s not unreasonable. American changed its policy in September 2018 and now allows a free carry-on in addition to a personal item to all destinations. It’s an awful product that’s uncompetitive with the other carriers with how much more restrictive it is and was never competitive with ULCCs on price. Instead, this budget ticket only permits … The exceptions are if it’s an international trans-Atlantic flight or if you are a MileagePlus Premier member, you have a MileagePlus credit card or are a Star Alliance™ … Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you buy a Basic Economy ticket and bring a carry-on that doesn’t fit under a seat, you’ll have to pay $25 to check it. With a 22-25L bag I have not had a problem, but look … That United chose to call their new fare ‘Basic Economy’ is actually very suitable and once you have a look what this product entails you certainly know why. United also sells a basic and an economy fare for every seat on a flight, he said, unlike current practice at American and Delta, which appear to have fewer of the rock-bottom fares available. Boycott Basic Economy. For the first leg of the trip, stopping in Texas, I paid $5 to choose my seat, and I paid $9 for the second leg that got me to AK. People buying basic economy tickets will also have a reduced opportunity to earn miles. No carry-on bag. You can check a bag at the check in counter. I have never been bothered about my carryon.. This card gets you a free checked bag on every United flight – along with a bag for one companion booked on the same reservation.It will also override the basic economy restrictions for carry-on bags … You're not allowed a full-sized carry-on bag unless you're a MileagePlus Premier member or companion traveling on the same reservation, the primary cardmember of a qualifying MileagePlus credit card or a Star Alliance™ Gold member. Not exactly a scam, but the basically raised their fares from $15-60 OW to participate in mileage plus. Air Travel forums . I almost never fly United Airlines, and a recent redye in basic economy in the last row of a 737 Next Generation reminded me why. The United Explorer Credit Card from Chase can be a powerful weapon to beat these basic economy fares.. Now let’s dig into the United Basic Economy rules, restrictions and fees to see how much you can save by booking your ticket with a United MileagePlus co-branded credit card. No, you cannot bring a carry on on the plane with United Basic Economy, this is one of the main differences between Basic Economy versus standard Economy. You can not change it. Flying in Economy on the major US carriers has got less and less pleasant - less service, more cramped seats, charging for luggage, etc. Carry-on bags: On trans-Atlantic flights, your carry-on baggage allowance is the same as for standard Economy tickets. United Airlines; Search “United Basic Economy” Review of United Airlines. All that's allowed for travelers flying the new Misery Class is a "shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or other small item," unless you're a United MileagePlus Premier member, in which case basic human dignity will prevail. I have a question about United Airlines Basic Economy ticket carry on bag policy. On trans-Atlantic flights operated by United and United Express ®, your carry-on baggage allowance is the same as for standard Economy tickets. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My bag was full but not stuffed. Although most travelers are aware of the added cost of checked luggage, most seem to overlook the seemingly hidden “forgetful” … 6:29 am; Anyone got a Covid-19 refund from Skiddoo? While United’s new basic economy fare could save you $40 – 60 per round trip flight (and only if you don’t pay to check a bag), traveling on a basic economy fare means not being able to check in online in advance (unless you check a bag), and earning significantly fewer base miles and zero premier qualifying miles. You cannot bring a carry on aboard with that ticket as a non premier member without a united credit card. United Airlines Carry-On Allowance. The one exception to this rule is on trans-Atlantic flights operated by United and United Express. Is this a new perk for basic … This guide will answer common questions about these restrictions and the basic economy experience on United, but be sure to also check out How much did you save by purchasing basic economy instead of regular economy? Air Travel forums . TravelPulse reminded that the fare also excludes regular luggage, so travelers need to pay extra for any checked-in luggage going in the hold. Get answers to your questions . I'm not a United fan, but I needed to take a quick business trip and United had the best flight times, so there I was. ", It's pretty strictly enforced. I think that United took it a few steps too far when they introduced basic economy by not allowing a proper carry-on or counting basic economy tickets toward elite status. I have had the same samsonite shoulderbag for many years, it can get pretty big sometime, heavy aswell. With more forgiving rules, you’ll understand why. United Airlines will continue its ban on carry-on bags for travelers buying its cheaper basic economy tickets, despite a recent policy change by rival American Airlines. These items may include purses, briefcases, small backpacks or other items that are no larger than 9 x 10 x 17 inches. I was planning to have a carry on but now costs 25$ since my ticket is Basic Economy. Yep, no rolling carry-ons. Instead of paying the $25 check-bag fee, I'll upgrade to economy for $20. MileagePlus members will earn full Premier qualifying dollars, 50% Premier qualifying miles and 0.5 Premier qualifying segments for each flight, as well as 100% lifetime miles and in full toward the four-segment minimum. You do get pretzels and soda, so there is that. My personal item was my Tom Bihn "Brain Bag" backpack which, even when empty, exceeds the size requirements listed on the United website (for personal items). Really, for quick weekend getaways, it shouldn’t be difficult because 1) you’re already wearing a set of clothing for one day 2) the toiletry base doesn’t really change, and 3) the only variable factor is the clothes. I purchased a Basic Economy flight from Florida to Alaska. Delta does charge baggage fees for basic economy flyers, but the fees are the same as if you were flying on a regular main cabin ticket. I'm not a United … United’s basic economy isn’t driven by passengers wanting low fares, it’s driven by investors wanting higher returns. With Basic Economy they will look at your bag at check-in and you cannot pre-print your boarding pass. United Basic Economy Rules. The gate agent shouldn't have any actual say in the matter since it has already been approved at the airport. I actually saved $1000 on the tickets using basic economy, so spent $25 x 4 each way for advanced seat assignments. American and United introduced their basic economy tickets with a carry-on bag ban. Nothing can be put in the overhead and not only must it fit under the seat, but the dimensions are smaller than many laptops, more the size of notebooks. Get a Carry-On or Free Checked Bag and Priority Boarding with United Credit Cards. Boycott Basic Economy. Is this something I could feasibly get away with without getting charged the $50 fee for bringing a full-sized carry on? This Category has a disregard for the consumer. A co-worker had offered me her personal item piece from her luggage set but it is 9.5 x 12 x 16. From the UA Basic Economy page, this might be useful: <

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