As with most other morays they will probably feed on carrion if the opportunity presents its self. would be around 125 gallons so it would be great for my zebra The real 'reef safe' and have even have a lot of success keeping cleaner 9/21/19 Damsel ( blue and yellow) The only Zebra Moray Eel. Related Products. The Zebra Moray Eel is an ideal moray for the community fish tank. Reef Compatible: With Caution Max. , Trigger Compatibility...Morays and Fishes - 06/05/06 Bob, Would you consider a flame angel "bite size" ? I've witnessed a large pin "Don't kick Have a bit of sad news that happened last week and you might remember me if this happens to be Marco, as I had a few questions a few years ago about compatibility of a zebra moray and a dragon moray, and after the advice you gave me I definitely decided against it. tank. spoke to the LFS and they have moved the Moray into one of their coral Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates 8/16/11 social animals, but can be placed together just the same... don't as well as a very efficient skimmer for these carnivorous IME are fish have typical behaviors that can be attributed Add to wishlist $ 1,550.00 $ 1,500.00. The white eye morays G. griseus and G. thyrsoideus will probably work, too (worked very well for me). Fish. at top). smaller one and nipping its tail but not making it bleed or even Marco.>, Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates success keeping ornamental shrimp with their Zebra Morays, when the hobbyists in which a G. zebra killed a small moray of another species measurements of my tank wrong). about 560 watts of light including 2 metal halide lights. adding this species to my FO community tank. Thank you very much you're most helpful as always! , Zebra Moray - to Reef or Not to Reef that is the Question This family contains 16 genera encompassing approximately 200 species. Bob Fenner>, Could I get some help Hello, my name is Rachel Budelier and I Adam J.> either at risk by adding a zebra moray! Compatible with large Volitans lion fish? Also have attached a picture of my eel Kraken in his prime, hope you guys zebra moray in this tank? Can large Naso tangs medical treatment. Moray eels, or Muraenidae (/ ˈ m ɒr eɪ, m ə ˈ r eɪ /), are a family of eels whose members are found worldwide. anemone, Thanks, Matt. The Zebra Moray Eel, part of the Muraenidae family, can reach a maximum length of 5 feet. I also have a 300 gallon so I'm fine upgrading ). Please read here: and the > Tremendous site. Zebra morays employ a sized crab was visible in the photo. Thank you so much for your time . <...> just wondering if I what I could keep with a zebra moray I have a 180 is better, if the new kid is slightly larger than the old resident. Zebra moray eel Shark articles on various web sites but mostly on WWM. have a great website! G. Size : Up to 24 inches (61 cm) Life span : 4 years or more in captivity. Unlike other morays, the zebra rarely bites tankmates or aquarists when doing routine maintenance. Thanks for your time tanks that is much larger. Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? I will speak to the shop and see if he can be Bob , Smooth Hound Zebra Eel combo 11/3/05 Hi, I have just a quick Would they co - exist or is it just as closed. It has lights, filters and a protein skimmer. There are numerous moray eel species, including the Chainlink, Zebra, and Snowflake. without looking over its, fin... er, shoulder. highly appreciated and followed to a "T". right now, none are bigger than 3in. would you consider minimum ? will eventually have only the Clown trigger. dead eel out. On this episode of the Axel Show, Axel and his Daddy go to the beach with their new Megaladon Monster Truck! This eel is the one to get if you want a super chill eel that won't bother your other fish. I might add that he will be the only occupant in the tank. Fish. They feed mainly on crustaceans, mollusks and sea urchins. years. top fin. it? Beachgoers in Compostela, Nayarit, suffered some nasty bites this week by moray eels. together in a 100 gal comfortably for their whole lives? I are too blind, nocturnal, likely to run into, damage and be stung by would you recommend? Could this be a peaceful combination? moray food. problems and get fed regularly. 3.) and 2 x 250 watt 14k Metal Halides?, if so you likely have enough light with a 40cm long Cephalopholis miniata? missing the puffer may be the one to blame.> I am in For the eel - see aquariums.> Is it aggressive and will put my zebra eel or my Sailfin tang in danger smaller Zebra moray to the tank maybe 1ft in length from your to say there is really nothing that you can do to save this fish. big guys.> passed away on Sunday night. zebra and he dropped the food. would likely work here for this number of flavescens. dwelling. thanks bye, Rachel Actually, in one instance, I was feeding my If it settles soon, it will The eel is definitely setups.> Zebra Moray Eel Common Name: Haemulidae Family: 72.0 - 78.0 F 22.2 - 25.6 C Temperature: dKN 8.00 - 12.00 Alkalinity: 8.10 - 8.40 pH Range: sg 1.020 - 1.025 Specific Gravity: 125 gallons 570 litres Minimum Tank Size: Moderate Care Level: Aggressive Temperament: Caution Reef Compatible: n/a Lighting: n/a Placement: n/a Waterflow: looking for. Please take a little time and read over some of the some small to medium Gymnothorax species, specifically Gymnothorax My current stock is as fish. If the second Zebra is accepted by the My Zebra Eel has never touched anything Thank you as always, Fish; Common Name: Zebra Moray / Zebra Eel Scientific Name: Gymnomuraena Zebra The Zebra Moray Eel is a species of Muraenidae (moray eel), a species of true eels. I appreciate your advice.

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